PILLAR 1: Convenience & Easy Access

PILLAR 1: Convenience & Easy Access

Offering Convenient Vaccination Services

Problem:  Many patients will not be seen in a medical office during the typical influenza vaccination season of September through March.

Solution:  Utilize all opportunities to vaccinate

  • Offer Tdap/Td, HPV, Pneumococcal, and other vaccines to eligible patients when influenza vaccine is offered.
  • Use all types of visits (chronic, acute, preventive) to assess vaccination status and vaccinate if appropriate. This is especially important in practices that use open access and same or next day scheduling.

Solution:  Implement Express Vaccination Services

  • Express services (e.g., dedicated vaccination clinics allow practices to accommodate large numbers of patients and facilitate efficient office flow).
  • Given busy lives of patients, convenient express services are appreciated. Express services include:
    • weekend or evening vaccine clinics
    • open access vaccine scheduling during office hours
    • dedicated vaccination station during office hours for walk-in vaccines
  • Dedicated express vaccination clinics can be systemized for efficiency
    • by offering only vaccines
    • efficient flow systems (1-2 minutes/patient) for check-in, screening, vaccination, and record keeping are available.

Solution:  Extend the Influenza Vaccination Season

  • Begin influenza vaccinations as soon as vaccines arrive.
  • Peak influenza disease season varies but often is in February; thus, extending vaccinations into January and beyond can increase vaccination coverage and prevent illness.