PILLAR 3: Enhanced Vaccination Systems


Improving Your Vaccination Systems

Problem:  Missed Opportunities to Vaccinate.

Solution:  Office vaccination systems may need to be modified.

  • Assessment of vaccination as a routine part of the office visit by nursing staff should become a standard operating procedure. This should occur at all visits whether the patient is sick or well.
  • Options include: routinely addressing as part of vital signs, "Are the patient's immunizations up-to-date?"

If the practice relies on patient self-report, understand that accuracy of vaccination history from self-report of:

  • Influenza is reliable.
  • PPSV is acceptable.
  • Tdap is unreliable-consult medical records.
  • HPV is unreliable-consult medical records.

Turn on electronic reminders/prompts for specific vaccines.

Review EMR's health maintenance, immunization and/or other similar tab or page.

Check your state's immunization registry if available.

Source: Zimmerman et al. found the sensitivity of patient self-report of influenza vaccination status was 98%, compared to the medical record vaccine 2003;21:1486-91.