About the 4 Pillars™ Practice Transformation Program

About the 4 Pillars™ Practice Transformation Program


The 4 Pillars™ Practice Transformation Program was developed to help practitioners protect their patients from vaccine-preventable diseases. The following pages provide background information on the 4 Pillars™ Practice Transformation Program and describe the concepts you will use to construct your own program. You will learn simple evidence-based strategies to keep your patients healthy.

Low Vaccination Rates

Low vaccination rates exist despite national recommendations for vaccination. For example, it is easy to assume that most of your patients are appropriately vaccinated during flu season when so many vaccines are administered every day. You might be surprised to learn how many of your patients are unprotected against this life threatening disease. The 4 Pillars™ Practice Transformation provides tools for you to estimate your current rates and to track your progress.

Missed Opportunities

Missed opportunities are visits in which vaccine-eligible patients are seen, but not vaccinated.

Are missed opportunities a cause of low vaccination rates in your practice?

Missed opportunities graph In a Pittsburgh study of primary care medical records, more than one missed influenza opportunity and three missed PPSV and Tdap opportunities occurred per adult patient per year. These occurred at both chronic care and acute care visits without documented assessment or administration of needed vaccines.