Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

After Reading the 4 Pillars Cornerstones, You Will be Able to:

1. Explain that the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases is largely due to low immunization rates, which are the result of missed vaccination opportunities and inconvenient access to vaccinations.

2. Develop a system offering convenient vaccinations that includes expanded influenza vaccination season and express vaccination services for all vaccines during the influenza vaccination season.

3. Remind patients (email, text messages, auto dialer, mail, posters, and/or video) about the importance of vaccines and the availability of the express services.

4. Enhance office vaccination systems by:

  • Making assessment of vaccination status a routine part of the visit (e.g., during vital signs or via electronic prompts)
  • Empowering staff to vaccinate by standing order programs
  • Coupling other vaccines with influenza immunization

5. Stimulate motivation for office system change, through an immunization champion who tracks weekly progress towards a set immunization goal and communicates to all other staff members.