Help & How To Manual

The 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit is a scientific evidence-based resource created for the purpose of assisting medical practices with increasing immunization rates in their practice. This website is a user friendly, inter-active instructional site providing users with a variety of research proven strategies and techniques they can implement within their practices.  The information contained within this website is structurally organized and designed to educate and to guide implementation of this 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit.  To assist you with your questions a "Help & How To Manual" was created. 

Within this manual you will find information on accessing and navigating the website, "how to" complete certain functions within the website, and general "help" topics.

To begin the registration process, proceed to the first section of this manual titled, "Creating Your User Account" by either using the chapter navigation link at the bottom of the page, or by clicking on the "Help & How To Manual" chapter links located to the right of your screen.