What people are saying about the 4 Pillars™ Program

4 Pillars training 1.jpg

“I found it very simple and adaptable to the clinic’s needs…I now have the results to show the other providers that by taking at least one minute…with each patient…we may be able to see a significant change.”

Brian B., APN FNP-C



“The 4 Pillars Transformation Program has proven to be a practical and effective way to raise vaccination rates in our extended system of primary care practices.  I highly recommend it as an online quality improvement program.”

Francis S., MD FACP



“Participating in the 4 Pillars influenza vaccination study was very beneficial to our practice and our patients. The charts and graphs we received weekly allowed us to see how well we were doing in protecting our patients from the flu compared to the other practices. Our Immunization Champion did a terrific job in sharing our standing each week with our providers and nursing staff, and used the competition to motivate us to stay focused on our goal of improving our immunization rates.”

Evelyn R., MD Medical Director



“This was an excellent resource for the clinics in our PBRN to review current vaccine procedures and evaluate options for improvement of vaccine delivery.”

Anthony B., MD